Wellness Programs

Kuwa Vizuri: Holistic Healing Program 

We invite you to join us for the next 90 days on a journey where you will learn how to naturally repair, recover and rejuvenate your body back to health. This program provides accessorial secrets traditionally used in Africa for naturally healing your body and living a healthy lifestyle.

Kukuwa 21 Day
Turn Around

This 21 Day Turn Around Program is designed to get you on a consistent path to ensure you reach your goals. It entails 42 of our favorite workouts featured daily (Combination of 21 Kukuwa® African Dance Cardio and 21 Get it Right Get it Tight Body Sculpt and Strength Training Workouts) +21 of our favorite tasty town meals and recipes. We will guide you each day with a workout, food, and motivation to set the foundation for you to be the absolute best version of yourself!

Kukuwa Mama Baby Snapback (14 day program)

Kukuwa® Mama & Baby SnapBack program is designed for you to learn ways to navigate a healthy lifestyle with children without neglecting your own health and well-being. Our definition of “SnapBack” is snapping back to the place you feel most comfortable by setting achievable goals for “yourself”. Mama Kree and the Kukuwa® Team will be coaching you through every barrier to help you SNAPBACK YOUR MINDSET, SNAPBACK YOUR BODY, and SNAPBACK YOUR LIVELIHOOD.  Always remember that this journey is “YOURS”. Give yourself grace to “SnapBack” while being the fabulous mother that you already are. Never lose yourself because your baby is always watching.