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By becoming a certified Kukuwa® African Dance Fitness Instructor, you will be joining the growing group of Kukuwa® Instructors and making more money doing what you love!
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Learn, Teach, and Enjoy African Music and Dance every day. Be your own boss and have flexibility in your classes and hours. Work Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere– the world is your office. Travel with and without your passport through Africa with the Kukuwa Crew. Motivate and Inspire others and yourself every day. Get in the best shape of your life, having a blast!

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Kukuwa Fitness Instructor FAQ

We charge a $500.00 one time fee to become a Certified Kukuwa Fitness Instructor. You can also sign up under a two payment plan that we offer and split the payment in half. This means  you will  pay $250 X 2 = $500.00. You can click here to enroll.

We charge $12 a month for your quarterly music and choreography. This cost also covers your available support from your master instructors and community. 

  1. The Instructor logs into the website kukuwafitness.com and clicks on Becoming Certified.
  2. Reads all about the requirements, initial fees and membership fees involved. Watches the Instructor encouragement video. Details of what certification involves 2 parts – Written and Practicals.
  3. They choose to certify and click on make payment of $500 and login with their email and choose a password or system gives them one. 
  4. They then receive an email with KUKUWA® Legal Doc that they need to sign and scan back to info@kukwafitness.com.
  5. They then receive The KDW Manual and Study Guide to study and use the Study Guide to assist them through the 100 multiple choice open-book quiz exam.
  6. If they pass (80% is pass mark), they get an immediate email congratulating them of pass and next steps to Practicals. [If they fail they have to pay $25 to retake the open-book quiz again so system informs them they have failed and need to retake]
  7. Passed – the system then sends them the following 2 videos and 10 songs: 
  1. one is Instrumental teaching video to learn the technique of teaching a KUKUWA® class. 
  2. The other is the Key Moves of KUKUWA® broken down for them to learn the steps along with the African names and the meaning and description of the moves.
  3. 10 KDW initial songs to choose 3 that they will use to perform their practicals.
  1. The system needs to let the Instructor know what is expected of them for the Practicals. 
  2. The Instructor has to check the Available KUKUWA® Calendar to pick a date that will work for them and us for the practicals via Zoom invite with Kukuwa. 
  3. If passed the Practicals Kukuwa will 1-on-1 tell them Congratulations they have passed and should expect an email with final steps and their Digital Certificate with final info. 
  4. If not passed they have to reschedule within 2 weeks

As soon as you have earned your certificate and feel comfortable you can begin teaching. 

You can teach Kukuwa Fitness at any gym, independent studio, virtually ( on a virtual platform) or anywhere you feel most comfortable.