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From weight loss, to age reversal, to mommy snapback, to fighting through sickness & auto-immune disease, we have your back and can relate. 

We are a mother-daughter team obsessed with spreading joy and well being.  Kukuwa, Coach Cass, Nakreisha and Sam.

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Kukuwa Kyereboah, Founder and CEO of Kukuwa® Fitness, Africa With Us, and Africa With Us Foundation. Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, has been dancing since the age of 3 as dance is an integral part of life in Africa.  She is the mother of two daughters who work with her – Cassandra and Samantha.
Before pursuing her passion for Health, Fitness, and Wellness, Kukuwa worked with the World Bank affiliated with the UN as a Linguist and International translator for American Embassy in Europe.  She speaks 7 languages, 5 African, French, and English. Kukuwa is a Dance Fitness Consultant, Dance Choreographer, Health Fitness Coach, Author, and African Travel Curator. She has an international background across Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada, and the United States. Kukuwa has been a Professor of African Dance and Culture for the past 12 years and still maintains an affiliation with the Universities to date. George Washington University, George Mason University,  University of VA Tech, University of Miami, and Florida International University.

Growing up in Africa, Kukuwa had an extensive upbringing in the holistic teachings of her great-grandmother and mother which she practices in helping her stay ageless. Full of life and energy she continues to move her boombsey® in her 60s, feeling like 30s motivating and encouraging others to live their best lives through health and fitness the Kukuwa® way”.  Through her natural lifestyle and practices she is now an acclaimed author of 4 books entitled African Health Secrets, African Dance with Passion, Kuwa Inaafa, and Kuwa Vizuri which can be found on Amazon & Amazon Kindle as well as her website: kukuwafitness.com.
Kukuwa travels the world teaching dance fitness workshops, educating and training organizations and companies on healthy lifestyle living. and continues to create new and innovative dance workouts and much more on her company’s streaming online platform at kukuwafitness.uscreen.io which reaches millions of people around the globe.  Kukuwa also offers an Ambassador Instructor Training on her website offering jobs globally to many either full-time or part-time, and curates trips to the continent of Africa and the diaspora with her daughters Cassandra and Samantha.
Endorsed by Oprah(‘O’ Magazine), Essence, and People Magazine; Kukuwa is a Certified Health Fitness Professional with American Council on Exercise (ACE) and has earned international acclaim as the originator of the Gye Nyame African Cultural Dance Company, and Creator of the Kukuwa® Fitness African Dance Workout Program. Taught Michelle Obama, the Kukuwa® African Dance Workout during the 2 terms of President Obama.  Kukuwa’s desire to give back to Africa through community service and philanthropy is her ultimate goal and passion that brings her the satisfaction of being an ambassador to Africa.

Hi! I’m Cassandra Nuamah, aka “Coach Cass”. I’m a danceaholic, travelista and fitness guru that makes healthy living and positive energy contagious. I’m a master Kukuwa® Fitness Trainer and Certified wellness coach.

My whole life I’ve been active in dance and sports. My mother,Kukuwa, even broke her water pregnant with me teaching class!! So I was literally born into moving my boombsey however I neglected the importance of nutrition and challenging my body ( in a good way) in order to see change. My sister Sam unfortunately has lupus and was given two weeks to live while I was still in college and my mom miraculously healed her from that death sentence through holistic healing methods via nutrition, and that’s when the change in me started to happen once I saw my sister change.  I was determined to be better and do better with my health and help others do the same. 

After losing 50 pounds and transforming my lifestyle, my mission is to help people live happier and healthier lifestyles. I believe that our health physically, mentality and spiritually is so integral to our overall wellbeing. I am your biggest cheerleader and “positive patty” friend that helps you to see the glass half full instead of half empty. No matter what happens you can do it! I’m a “danceaholic” so when it comes to fitness, as you can see with Kukuwa

Hello! I am Samantha aka Sam,  Kukuwa Fitness wellness coach and the inspiration behind the Kuwa Vizuri series. I was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 11 and have had an extensive health journey since then. From paralyzation to dialysis and more I have overcome so many situations by the grace of God, and remained focus on my overall wellness through Kukuwa Dance and the Kuwa Vizrui program along the way. Kukuwa is my mom and I came out of the womb dancing. I have been officially teaching Kukuwa Fitness since 2004. Physical and mental wellness is a must no matter what you are going through. I strive to let my positive energy, faith, and strength touch and motivate you no matter what you are going through during your wellness journey! No matter your past or current medical situation I’m here to motivate you through your wellness journey and support you to your success. I am so excited to be your coach throughout this journey. The word hard or tough is an understatement to explain some of the health trials we all have faced but this fitness program is here to help you regain confidence, energy, and fit physique as you deal with the stressors of health. All fitness levels from beginner to advance are welcome and medical conditions from Lupus to Cancer are welcome. Always check with your doctor before starting anything but then buckle up and enjoy this fitness ride. I’m excited for you to get start and Move your BOOMBSEY!!!!

Hello! I am Kree Master Trainer of Kukuwa Mama & Baby Series. Family, dance, and music is LIFE for me. I have been teaching dance fitness since 2005. In 2016, I had my first child and my whole world changed. As some mothers do, I took a break from teaching to devote my time to my son. Three years later, I decided that it was time for me to start teaching again. In 2019, I took my Kukuwa Fitness certification while I was pregnant with my daughter. During that time, Kukuwa Mama and Baby Series was born. Our vision for this series is to show mothers (and fathers) that you can still take care of your bodies and most importantly self wellness while being great examples for your children. I truly understand the struggles of motherhood and finding time for self care. That balance seems non existent most days but I am here to tell you that “YOU” can snap back that body and gain a piece of yourself back without sacrificing time with your love ones. The awesome thing about Kukuwa Mama & Baby is that it can be done at all fitness levels pre and postnatal and it’s a family affair. I danced throughout my entire pregnancy with both of my children. Music and dance is a huge part of their daily lifestyle  and it will become apart of your children’s lifestyle as well. I am so excited to be your coach/best mama friend throughout this journey. So get your children and Let’s Move Our Boombsey’s Together!